Wendy is wife to Stuart and mama to Charlie, Caroline, and Violet. She may seem a little extra, but most days, you’ll just find her guzzling coffee while taxiing kids around town and hustling to keep her family and business adventures alive. 

Wendy’s yoga journey started at a young age, when she tried some poses from a fitness magazine in hopes they’d help a low back injury. The practice intrigued her so she took classes in high school and continued through college. As a dancer and someone who majorly struggles to sit still, she thought she’d love the asana (physical practice) but what kept her coming back was the mindfulness practice that forced her to slow down, breathe, and be present.

As a dance and fitness instructor, she began incorporating yoga into her classes. When she saw what those little bits of yoga did for her students, she knew she wanted to become a legit instructor. So, in 2005, Wendy studied yoga in Ojai, California and began her teaching career. She taught in a spa in California, and has since had the joy of sharing yoga with students in gyms, schools, workplaces, hospitals, online, and in local studios, and she’s always held onto a little dream of one day opening a studio where people from every single walk of life would feel comfortable learning and practicing.

Wendy’s favorite thing about her personal yoga practice is the way it’s been a safe space through many seasons of her life. Initially, yoga helped her relieve physical pain. Later, her practice played a role in helping her overcome disordered eating and body image issues. When Wendy become a mother, yoga became a respite and quiet space to find some much needed time for self care. In recent years, it’s played a huge role in a spiritual and self development journey. It’s been the vehicle that can change her outlook and perspective in an hour, and it’s much healthier than wine. And how can you not share a tool that evolves with you like that and helps you be a better version of yourself in all seasons? That’s what we’re all about here at Jax.

Wendy’s favorite classes to teach are fast moving Vinyasa Flows with a long savasana and meditation (the part where you lay down). As a mama who is a trained doula and lactation counselor, she has a huge passion for helping pregnant and post partum mamas find strength, balance and comfort through yoga and movement. She blends her dance background into barre and children’s classes, and loves introducing new yogis with restorative practices. She is currently creating a class for pre-teen and teen girls to help them love themselves and feel empowered.

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