Strong Flow

Mon @ 9a, Tues - Wed - Thur @ 5:30p

Focus is strength - balance - endurance (not necessarily in that order).

Modifications and props are always available to accommodate all levels.

Slow Flow

Tues & Thurs @ 7p

You + Breath + Your Mat = Magic.

Savor poses. Learn the details of each asana.

Flow is graceful + deliciously slow.

Leave feeling calm, collected, and connected

Sunday Funday!

Sunday @ 1

100% All Levels. 

100% Student need/mood based.

Yoga basics + more in a super relaxed and always fun class.

Lunch Flow

Monday @ 12:10

We'll get you in and out within an hour.

Super challenging and fun.

Get your head clear and your blood pumping!

(Don't worry, we have oils so you go back to work smelling great and feeling fresh. Also, this class will be daily in the future.)

Rest + Restore

Wed @ 7p

-having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being.

Thanks Webster dictionary. Enough said. Come get cozy.

Healing Tones Flow

Mon @ 5:30p

Explore healing sounds + healing flows with Jackie! 


Wed @ 4:15p, Thurs @ 9a

Ballet inspired fitness that will leave you long, strong, and sweaty!


To Book a Class:

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