Jax Yoga is comfortable, accepting, and inclusive.

When we say yoga for everybody, we mean

E V E R Y body. 

bal·ance l ˈbaləns l (noun)

  • an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady

  • a condition in which different elements are equal to or in the correct proportions



What a word. What an idea.

Here’s how it applies to the two of us.

People ask us (almost daily), how did YOU TWO get together? And to the untrained eye, it makes no sense. But to the open eyed, open minded, and open hearted among us, it makes perfect sense.

Yoga is for E V E R Y B O D Y and we both 100% believe that every body on this earth can and should reap the benefits of this practice in whatever form appeals to them. Faith & Wendy have and provide very different styles of yoga, speech, and personality allowing them to spread more yoga to more bodies.

We’re all just seeking balance, after all. Balance can be found in so many ways; yoga, so many wellness tools, and having the right people and energy around you. This is what we seek to provide for our yogis. our friends. our friends who become family. every. body. So I guess you could say that our mission our vision is where we are the most alike.

comfortable. accepting. inclusive.

We are a safe space for all bodies. all minds. Because we found a safe space for ourselves on the mat and it would be a tragedy not to share it.

(oh yeah, and if you want to hear the REAL story of our 12 year and counting relationship, you’ll have to buy one of us a coffee)