Faith. If she doesn’t get you, her little dog will.

Faith is an open book (maybe TOO open but who’s to say). Her jam is transparency, raw honesty, and being as non judgmental as humanly possible. Her best day is spent next to a diffuser with Ron by her side, reading a post about someone trying yoga because she made them feel comfortable. (Two things make her cry - this and watching The Green Mile.)

She found yoga out of desperation and necessity (or perhaps it found her?). While struggling with an eating disorder, a youtube search led her to “yoga for weight acceptance”, not weight loss, not six pack abs, ACCEPTANCE. Instantly hooked by the mental benefits of the practice, she began. Faith did yoga on her living room floor for five years (two years with no mat) before ever taking a studio class.

History: Faith used to suck and she talks about this often because she wants you to know that if you suck right now it’s not that hard to get awesome. She’s overcome a couple eating disorders, a handful of drug addictions, cigarettes, alcohol, toxic relationships, and most importantly, a toxic negative mindset. So if any of those things are you too, that’s okay, they can be replaced with positive and productive practices instead. If this B can evolve, anyone can. Trust me.

These days, she’s into extreme loving kindess, radiant positivity, and only things that make her glow. She has one precious angel, Ron (pictured), a 17lb rescue Pekingese who is usually at class with her. She can be found on her phone 28 hours a day if you need anything. Other places you may spot this ex-borderline agoraphobe turned social butterfly are at lunch saying “I’ll quit eating out next week” (LIES) with friends, teaching or taking a baller yoga class, or on I-72 listening to Gary Vee’s podcast in a 2014 Honda Odyssey with a Key Lime La Croix.

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